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Numerical Impression After Celtics/Magic ECF Game #1

May 16, 2010

First, let’s just get this straight: was that Ray Ray today or Jordan? Ray did a great job of attacking the hoop early and got plenty of layups. This aggressive play set him up well later for some of his pull up jump shots and threes off high screens.

Seriously, was it Ray Ray or Jordan in Game #1 of the ECF?

Seriously, was it Ray Ray or Jordan in Game #1 of the ECF?

Second, Rasheed Wallace really did take up residency in Dwight’s head. Dwight was losing his cool and was completely shaken from his game. Rasheed bumped his way to providing a solid 20 minutes and played Dwight much better than Perk played him today. Hopefully when they review film, Perk can figure out what he wasn’t doing and what he needs to do for game 2.

Third, Pierce had a huge 12 point third quarter, finishing with 22 points: 6-8 FG, 2-3 from downtown, and 8-10 from the stripe. Efficiency was spelled P-I-E-R-C-E today from the O-Rena.

Fourth, the Celtics had 20 points off the break compared to the Magic’s 6. The Celts NEED to expose this lack of transition defense on behalf of the Magic. I’m not a hardcore film guy, but it’s pretty easy to see WHY the Magicians can’t get back on defense during transition: they complain too much to the refs. When the team rolls back on defense, because someone is complaining on the other end, the Magic don’t know who to pick up or where. It’s pretty great if you’re a Celtics fan watching Rondo roll on down looking to feed the hungry monsters ready to score.

Fifth, the Celtics had 21 team assists compared to the Magic’s 10. The Magic is a pretty good ball-movement team, but they just weren’t hitting anything tonight and forcing up bad shots off bad looks.

Looking ahead to game 6, the Celtics need to figure out a few things:

  • Balanced scoring: KG and Rondo need to get more looks by not passing up good looks in favor of a forced extra pass, while Davis and TA need to get more into the mix in game 2 as well
  • Rondo needs to get into the paint: force Dwight Howard to collapse and force him to foul by block-baiting him and then use his quick athleticism to draw contact
  • Pierce needs to get physical with Vinsanity: I mean, all I am going to say is Vince made Pierce look silly at times today… Not ideal
  • Perk needs to figure out how to get back to Dwight-Shut-Down mode
  • I think our bench play can be much better; our bench HAS to be better than Gortat, Williams, and Reddick…

Our bench HAS TO BE BETTER than the White Magicians Bench...

Our bench HAS TO BE BETTER than the White Magicians Bench...

I am excited about game #2. The Magic will inevitable hit more shots, but hopefully the Celtics will play better defense after somehow winning this hangover game after a jubulent victory in the EC semis against the Cavs.

Celt’s draw first blood, and I like the taste of it.

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  1. May 29, 2010 2:10 pm’s done it again! Amazing article!

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