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Celtics and Heat Pre-Game 2 Points of Interest

April 20, 2010
Glen Davis Stomping The Enemy Into Submission.

Glen Davis Stomping The Enemy Into Submission.

Here are 5 things that need to happen tonight… NEED TO HAPPEN:

  1. Force El Wade to take over the game. Tempt El Wade to take shots he shouldn’t take. What better way to do this than to stick Tony Allen on him during important windows in the game: end of the 2nd quarter, start of the 3rd quarter, and the closing minutes of the 4th quarter. I’ll plagiarize from myself:
    In the win against El Heat on February 3rd, TA made that game-sealing steal on El D-Wade to protect a lead and give the Celtics a 107-102 edge. We know El D-Wade is a big-time competitor, which means he also has a big-time ego. Why not stick TA on him and let El D-Wade want to prove that he can score on Tony all day. Why not let El D-Wade try to take over the game and in the process, completely breakdown his team’s offense? Like so many other teams, give D-Wade his points but make him work his tail off to earn them. Let D-Wade score his 30-40 points… on 25 FG attempts. Just make sure TA is in his jock the entire time so no basket comes easy.
  2. Attack the rim as much as possible: break down their zone defense and get to the line. If Beasley, Magloire and Haslem get into foul trouble, there is no one there to back them up. I’m sorry, but I just can’t count Jermaine O’Neal… NO ONE. On the flip side, if we are going to foul, then FOUL HARD. Playoff fouls are in full effect tonight. Make think twice about coming into the paint.
  3. Get transition buckets as often as possible: the Heat don’t establish any good defensive positioning while on defense. Exploit and expose!!!
  4. Get Pierce going early: give him the ball and let him create. Let’s try to get Pierce circa 2008 Eastern Semis to resurrect from within.
  5. Play with energy all night: energy equates to defensive focus for this Celtics team.

YES! Playoff basketball!


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