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360 degrees of reactions to possible Nate-Rob and Eddie trade

February 18, 2010

Like a good tea that needs proper steeping in order for its flavors to be fully unearthed, I’ve needed the same kind of time to process this possible Nate Robinson and Eddie House (plus a draft pick) trade.

Three different kinds of reactions immediately come to mind.

You have to admit: he doesn't look terrible in green...

You have to admit: he doesn't look terrible in green...

From the, “Oh heck yes!” side of things:

  • Nate-Rob is offensive Kool-Aid. Instant offense: just add water. The kid can get to the rim at will. We all know he can finish at the rim, and he isn’t afraid of any bigs. He isn’t afraid of playing physical, and we can use that kind of mentality right now. We desperately need an alpha dog in the second unit that we can count on to consistently score.
  • He’s an energy player. Eddie House is an energy player too, but Nate-Rob is of a different breed of species. Nate-Rob can pretty much ignite an entire team and arena with a thunderous dunk, or just his yapping.
  • Speaking of his talking: he’ll fit right in. Nate-Rob will talk to a brick wall even if it refuses to listen.
  • It’s a message: loud and clear. Danny needs to make a move to give a little spark to this team. This would 100% be a spark… it could help fuel a little spark into a raging wildfire or he could be the thing to just burn this team down. With risk comes reward… or failure.

From the, “You know, this could maybe possibly kind of work…” side of things:

  • If anyone saw that little piece before the Dunk Contest on how Nate-Rob was a multi-talented athlete in high school (and by multi-talented I mean Washington’s best running back, second best HIGH hurdler, and a premier basketball player), why can’t he commit himself to defense. Hasn’t anyone stopped to think: “Maybe he doesn’t play defense because Coach 7-Seconds-Or-Less-and-Defenseless” doesn’t expect his team to play defense? If you take a guy that is just exponentially athletic and you make him commit himself on both ends because he has endless amounts of energy, strength, and athleticism… it could work. Look, if you are a great offensive player because you can create yourself, that means you have the ability to move laterally, front and back, and every which way in between. That means you can at least play good man to man defense. Maybe that’s all we need of him is to just commit himself to defense: especially if he is only seeing 20 minutes a game.
  • Can you imagine Rondo playing with the second unit: Rondo, Nate-Rob, Quisy, Glen, Sheed. That’s actually an amazing second unit with a distributor inserted in there. But even if you take Rondo out and put in TA, that’s a fantastic second unit. Fantastic.
  • Defensive, losing Eddie House to Nate-Rob isn’t an upgrade or a down-grade, it’s the same grade.
  • What if he really can commit himself to defense?

From the, “You’ve got to be kidding me, right?” side of things:

  • What if he pouts like he’s been known to do? What if he becomes a sour-puss and whines about playing time or touches?
  • He is a player that requires the ball in his hand to score. He creates for himself… which means less touches for whom? Quisy? Glen Davis? Sheed?
  • We lose an outside shooter in our second unit and replace him with a slasher. Not a terrible thing, but this could cause Sheed to step out more to space out the floor even though recently Sheed’s been turning the dial down from deep.
  • What if Nate-Rob… doesn’t do anything at all? What if we add him, and he does nothing at all?

I just have to believe that if Nate-Rob comes to Boston, he'll have a big impact. I just have to believe that.

I just have to believe that if Nate-Rob comes to Boston, he'll have a big impact. I just have to believe that.

But you know what? I’m all for it. If we don’t have to give up TA and Nate-Rob comes at the price tag of Eddie House and a second round draft pick, it seems like a no-brainer. Very low risk. Pull the trigger Danny. Much of the fan-base has put on their apocalyptic demeanor… but I’m holding steady and optimistic. But, that doesn’t mean this team doesn’t need a swift kick in the butt.

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  1. February 18, 2010 3:16 am

    BRING THE NOISE. Man-so much negative chatter today. I feel like if Ainge doesn’t sign DWade, ‘Bron or Kobe, everyone thinks he’s a failure.Do people forget the first couple months of this season? Sure, we lost a few tough ones at home, but we were cruising and talking about 70 wins. REMEMBER? Now all of the sudden everyone has lost complete faith (including the C’s too) in these guys..?! W….T…F! These guys need a big SLAP in the face to wake-up and realze with some better D, hardwork and more focus, they are still one of the best teams in the league. Nate is the spark that this dud needs right now. *POW* Oh yeah, in all seriousness…….WORD AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP!!!!

    • February 18, 2010 11:45 am

      So let’s start a movement RIGHT NOW: people that are negative get slapped in the face. Done?

  2. February 18, 2010 3:17 am



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