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A meeting of the families to discuss the state of the Celtics

February 12, 2010

From Red’s Army:

Everyone is in a panic over what’s going on with the Celtics.  People are snapping their ankles jumping off the bandwagon.  So I assembled some of the finest minds… on short notice, by the way, so thanks to them for that… to discuss the current state of the Celtics.

They are:

We did it over email and I did my best to piece it together and maintain a logical flow.  Some guys were on phones, so I didn’t change any abbreviations.  You guys can get the hint.

It was a productive moment in an unproductive day. Thanks for including me, guys.

Read the rest HERE.

I’ll be out of town over the next few days (unfortunately not at the All Star Game), so I’ll see you after the jump.

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