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What the hell is wrong with Sheed?

February 7, 2010
More of these, and less of those (3s).

More of these, and less of those (3s).

This is by no means a serious knock on Doc Rivers or the veteran core on this beloved Celtics team, but why hasn’t anyone stepped up to Sheed how it really is? Why hasn’t anyone scolded Sheed for his gravitation toward the outside shot and lackadaisical rotations down low on defense? Why hasn’t Sheed been scorned about his constant badgering of referees?

I’m sorry, but someone has to got put the big guy in his place.

Doc has repeatedly said that Sheed is a grown man and Doc won’t get in his face to try to change his ways, but maybe it’s time to actually do that. Or Danny. Or KG. Or Pierce. Or Ray. Or Rondo. Or anyone. How about you? What’s your grandmother doing today at 2:00pm? Maybe she can swing by the Garden for a little pre-game pep talk with a 6-11 role player?

Get out the rulers! Sheed is off the ground!

Get out the rulers! Sheed is off the ground!

Sheed continues to be an inconsistent force off the Celtics’ bench. At times I sit back and think about how Danny and company really pursued the right guy this off-season and was glad to have him as a back-up big but also an easy inserter into the startling lineup with an aging and ailing KG. Then at other times, I wonder why we don’t just sell Sheed to the junkward for scraps.

Atrocious outside the paint.

Atrocious outside the paint.

Let’s take a look at some incredibly confusing and baffling and heart-wrenching statistics:

  • In just over 1,000 minutes so far this season (6th most on the team), Sheed has already launched 212 three-pointers. Ray Allen? He’s taken 235. Eddie House? 159. Pierce is far behind Sheed with 165. Oh, and Pierce has made 14 more threes despite taking 47 less long-range bombs. Sheed has only made 4 more threes than Eddie even though Sheed has taken 52 more threes. Holy cow.
  • Sheed is only pulling down 4.3 boards per game. That’s the same number as Rondo. For the season, Sheed has 193 rebounds, compared to KG’s 269 (think about how many games KG has missed), Perk’s 294, Rondo’s 204, Ray’s 167, and Pierce’s 194. Now, this wouldn’t be a big deal at all if Sheed was just working his tail off to box out opponents’ bigs to clear the way for guys like Rondo/Ray/Pierce/anyone to rip a rebound down, but… he’s not doing that either. Sheed is barely airborne on defense. He often looks like a middle schooler just watching the ball go up… and then somewhere else.
  • And finally: 14 technical fouls, with plenty of games when giving the other team an automatic bucket/possession and helping to break your team’s momentum.

But the numbers only tell one side of the story:

  • On high pick-n-pop that Sheed comes out to set for Rondo, he’ll fire away almost every single time Rondo kicks it to him. I don’t have numbers to support this, except maybe 212 threes that he’s tossed up this season. In the game Friday night against the Nets, Sheed started deferring to Eddie on the wing on these pick-n-pops… And while we’ve seen this occasionally, the key word in this sentence is occasionally. Sheed NEEDS to work that ball around because he is helping to space out the floor and create shots for teammates. For this to happen, of course, Sheed needs to take a couple of threes each game but not 5, not 7, not 9. A few.
  • The dude is out shape. Badly out of shape. Even if we look at pictures from last year, he wasn’t sporting a friendly pony keg underneath his jersey. Let’s at least put that body to use: he isn’t boxing out or holding players out of the lane to make way for someone who can get off the ground. For heaven’s sake, box out.
  • There’s little attention to making the appropriate rotations underneath the paint. There has been too many times when Sheed has over-played a big that draws him out of the paint, which then just leaves an undersized baby or a vulnerable Perk to both guard the paint, box out, and rebound. There’s a reason we are all clamoring for TWO bigs down under.
  • Stop talking. Just shut up. Play the game like you’re being played to play. Shut up. Stop talking to the refs. Not only are you pissing me off, you’re pissing your teammates off. So Sheed: shut up.
Zip it.

Zip it.

What can we see more of:

  • Post up just off the block and kiss that fadeaway 12-15 footer off the glass TD style.
  • Box out.
  • Take a couple threes to keep defenders honest, but keep your head up and eyes open to swing that ball off high screens and pick-n-pop plays.
  • Lose a few pounds.
  • Play tough defense on guys down low– body up, don’t overplay too far out the paint.
  • Shut up.

Did I mention play underneath? And shut up?

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  1. February 8, 2010 1:04 pm

    i just had deja vu. i swear i read this on a Pistons blog 12 months ago…

  2. February 9, 2010 5:29 am

    what interests me with this whole Sheed dilemma, is how much should we be blaming the coach and veterans like Pierce/KG for not pulling him in line?

    In Detroit he got away with whatever he wanted, he didn’t respect the coach, and the other vets weren’t vocal guys. In Boston I thought that would be different.

    • February 9, 2010 12:53 pm

      There are in fact, just too many issues to deal with. Maybe this one is taking a backseat… which if it is, that is scarier than Sheed being Sheed.


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