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Celts Weekly Review In Pictures and Captions

January 16, 2010

Hey! A new idea! Yay!
Every now and then, I’ll recap the week through pictures obtained through Yahoo’s NBA photos (a great site that you should check out every day if you already don’t). All the images below are copyrighted from the wonderful photographers from Getty Images.

GotTA start with this one. TA's dunk the other night caused my "replay" button my remote to break from overuse. Thanks, TA...

You know you're in trouble when Scal is putting the ball on the floor. Yikes. Sheed, how's that foot doing...? KG, how's that knee doing...?

Oh my god I just vomitted in my mouth. Ugh.

Anyone have a yardstick to measure that verticle?

1) Davis might need some more body-compression-armor to protect against that dunk, 2) ouch, 3) yikes.

Yeah, Devin... you're season just ain't going well if you're forced into a run-off with Perk.

The foul that started it all... Eat it, Salvatore.

Burned. Yeah, just that... burned.

Wait, where's the trampoline? Davis got up, son!

What happens when KG and Sheed aren't there? Yeah, this: Perk left to fend for himself.

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  1. January 16, 2010 3:19 am

    Cool stuff Los. T.A. has come back with a *BANG* and noone expected it…

    • January 16, 2010 3:34 am

      Tell me about it, KWAPT. I will say though, the game we hit up together was one of TA’s coming out parties. We had everything to do with it…


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