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Doubting Thomas Award: Project O’Bryant

November 29, 2009

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I am in a new joint venture with, which is probably Australia’s best NBA blog. You can read more about the Doubting Thomas Award here.

If you’re really too lazy to read, just know that a bunch of really talented/witty/smart/fun/good-looking/totally awesome NBA bloggers have been asked to write a piece for in an effort to follow a player of the blogger’s choice. To put it simply,

An award to recognise the achievements of those who have achieved so little. An award to celebrate those players who have frustrated us beyond belief, yet leave us with a tinge of hope that maybe, just maybe, they’ll turn it around soon. Because let’s face it, no matter how many chances you’ve blown, there’s always the chance you won’t fuck up the next one.


Patrick O’Bryant

Games played: 3                                       Games started: 0
Minutes per game: 5.0                              DNP’s: 11
Best game: 4 points, 2 rebounds, 1 steal vs DEN (17/11)
Averages: 2.7ppg, 1.0rpg, 0.0apg, 0.33spg, 0.00bpg, 66% FG
Dare you Doubt?:
Still waiting for him to block a shot this season, so yeah, I doubt.

Here is my excerpt on Patrick O’Bryant for the month of November:

What if I told you that the 9th pick from the 2006 draft was averaging 20 points and 7 rebounds? What if I told you this big man provided you with some length and youth? You’d be psyched, right? Right? Well, shoot. Project O’Bryant is averaging 20 and 7 this season… Per 36 minuntes. POB has really only played a total of 15 minutes this season. Against the Hornets on 11/6, he nailed an egg in the points category and added 1 rebound and 2 fouls. Get up, Toronto! Against Dallas on 11/7, POB was a blistering 2-2 from the field (100%, suckas!) and tossed in a turnover. Most Improved, anyone? Against the Nuggs on 11/17, POB added another valiant effort with 4 points (2-3 from the field) and 2 rebounds. A friggin steal at 1.6 million!!!!

Well, not really. I figured the poor fellow was injured with those minutes. Nope. The most exciting things about POB in the last few days? His tweets (@13pob13). From yesterday: “on that note just landed in char and I am tired!!! Can’t wait to get in the bed.” Think his teammates will even notice if he sleeps in and misses his game? A tweet from yesterday as well: “simply joking w a follower. I am in no way a racist. Just think that show is hilarious.” POB was quoting the Chapelle Show to a follower. That can’t be good for his or his team’s PR. Good thing no one cares about him.

Read the rest of the picks here on’s entry. Be sure to not have a warm beverage on hand near the computer when you’re reading: you might laugh so hard you could ruin the beautiful machine in front of you that enables you to read such hilarious matter.

Article of the day: Ainge Sounds Off from


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