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34 Questions for the Celtics because I am bewildered

November 24, 2009
The Captain gets the game ball: solid D, great offensive punch, final play call.

The Captain gets the game ball: solid D, great offensive punch, final play call.

Let’s face the facts: the Celtics are playing mediocre ball and have been for the last week and a half. Despite their 10-4 record, it’s mediocre ball at best. This most recent game against New York raised more questions than answers.

I’m a teacher. I teach world history and economics. I ask a lot of questions. My students ask a lot of questions. We all ask a lot of questions. It can more often than not show a deeper understanding of a topic. Other times, it’s just the perfect thing to do when we are absolutely bewildered by a topic.

I’m bewildered.
I’m going to stop diagnosing.

Hey ¡RONDO! why aren't we seeing more of this?

Hey ¡RONDO! why aren't we seeing more of this?

Here are 34 questions for the Celtics because I just don’t know what else to say. Why 34 questions? Because #34 is Paul Pierce. Paul Pierce is the Truth. So by the power of transitive property, 34 = The Truth. I am hoping these 34 questions lead to some level of enlightenment and higher understanding.

  1. Why is overall energy level so inconsistent and why aren’t we
  2. Why is our offense settling for so many low percentage jumpers with the shot clock expiring?
  3. Why are we not attacking the hoop more?
  4. Why is Rondo playing like a $3 million PG on some nights and an $11 million PG on other nights?
  5. Why is our help defense scheme look so slow?
  6. Why is Ray Allen getting so many more minutes than he needs?
  7. Why isn’t Quisy getting more playing time?
  8. Why is Sheed shooting 3s like I shoot 3s?
  9. What’s going to happen in a few weeks when Glen Davis returns (remember: no more Big Baby)?
  10. When will KG finally be in game shape?
  11. Actually: will KG ever be back to being in good game shape (even if he can’t jump)?
  12. When will everyone realize how unbelievably good Pierce is playing right now?
  13. Will Danny many any trades before the new year?
  14. If Danny were to make trades, what do we really need right now?
  15. Is our PG by committee / PG by convenience working?
  16. Will the Real Eddie House please stand up? Please stand up?
  17. Has Doc ripped into his team yet about what the heck is wrong with them?
  18. Is this the kind of play we can expect for the rest of the season?
  19. Is it a good sign that Rondo can’t hit his FTs because it means he is finally changing his shooting style   for the firs time in his career?
  20. Will Doc force Sheed down on the block more?
  21. Why isn’t Perk closing out quarters more often?
  22. Aren’t we a defense-minded team?
  23. So why aren’t we a) playing defense better and b) letting one of our team’s best defenders (Perk) get more minutes on the floor?
  24. Why haven’t we seen more dynamic lineups on the floor (like Rondo, Pierce, KG, Perk, Sheed; or Ray, Pierce, Quisy, KG, Sheed; or Rondo, Piece, Quisy, Perk, Sheed)?
  25. Will TA’s first game in the 2010 season be in Celtic green?
  26. Will Scal continue to be 100% efficient on the floor for as little minutes as he is getting?
  27. Should we trade Scal (with TA) and if so should we get him more minutes?
  28. Is JR Giddens the epitome of practice hero and game zero?
  29. Will Shelden William’s interior game improve with more touches?
  30. Why can’t our team get offensive rebounds (is it not built into our defensive scheme?)?
  31. Why have we started so slow offensively in almost every game this season (what happened to those 30+ points from 2008-2009?)?
  32. Why are we giving up so many points in the first half?
  33. Why are we turning into a team that either wins/loses a game in the 3rd quarter?
  34. Is the whole “sleep experts” advice of bypassing pre-game shoot arounds in favor of naps really working?

I want to see an absolute spanking tomorrow night against the 76ers on Wednesday night. I want Philly to waddle off the court.

Cool, then we done.

Cool, then we done.

Next question?
Cool, then we done.

Articles of the day from my 3 favorite Celtics sites: It’s not time to trade Ray Allen (yet) at CelticsBlog, Myth or Fact: The Celtics are shooting too many 3s at RedsArmy, Do you believe Doc at CelticsHub.


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