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Loscy would like to thank…

October 25, 2009

I need to take a minute and thank some folks in the Celtics blogging community that have helped Loscy grow to being where it is today. As someone that was happy to have just 30 readers per post back in March of 2009, I’m now encroaching on the 1,000 mark for genuine readers per new article. It wouldn’t have happened without the help of…

Picture 3FLCeltsFan
FLCeltsFan of Loy’s Place somehow found my blog this past spring and started linking my articles on the famous Daily Links found at Since this was the place I found all of my daily readings, I was excited and grateful to see my posts join the other prestigious and lucky Celtics blogs on the list. Since then, FLCeltsFan has been a great support system and was a voice of reason to help draw me back to Loscy (after my brief stint as a lead writer for a Celtics blog on a big blog network). FLCeltsFan’s gets 1/2 of the biggest thanks from Loscy.

Picture 2Red’s Army
Red’s Army deserves the other half of the biggest thanks. Red’s runs one of the two biggest Celtics blogs on the world wide web of internets. Red’s linked up The Rondo ‘Tude back in June and that day I saw the largest volume of genuine readers… ever. Since then, Red’s has linked up a bunch of articles from Loscy and help direct some of its readers over to this blog. Red’s Army and CelticsBlog set the standard for Celtics news and analysis, so it’s been great to get some help from them.

Picture 4Celtics Stuff Live
Justin and Jon run the BEST Celtics podcast in the universe. Tune in every Sunday night for their regular live show and for live post-game podcasts. I’ve been an avid listener ever since Return The Rafters came out, and finally started emailing them questions. I emailed an excerpt from A Little Sad and it was read on the podcast following Game 4 of the ORL series in the playoffs. As I was listening to Justin and Jon talk about my article while driving home, I nearly drove off the damn road. Since then, I’ve sent in plenty of questions via Twitter and their site and they’ve been kind enough to not only read the questions, but also give brief plugs for Loscy.

Picture 1KWAPT
KWAPT (I’ll let you guess what the acronym stands for, but here’s a hint: K=Kobe and T=thong) has been my new Twitter buddy. I first ran into his craziness at Red’s Army and soon on Twitter. He’s also been a great technological sidekick, introducing me to TwitterFeed and TweetDeck. Love them both. Looking forward to ripping on Kobe some more as the season gets underway.

As the season is about to get underway, I wanted to kick it off right by thanking FLCeltsFan, Red’s Army, Celtics Stuff Live, and KWAPT for helping Loscy get some press and for sending some quality readers my way.

Cheers to #18.

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  1. flceltsfan permalink
    October 25, 2009 4:19 pm

    Thank you for your extremely kind words. But the credit all goes to you for putting up the quality articles that you write. Like was said in another place and another time “if you build it, they will come.”

  2. flceltsfan permalink
    October 25, 2009 4:21 pm

    And what drew me to this site in the first place was the name of the blog. Loscy was one of my all time favorite Celtics and he doesn’t get a lot of attention and so any blog named Loscy had to be good. And once I got here, the quality of the articles kept me here.

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