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Celtics pre-season is like being home again.

September 29, 2009



It’s been a strange last couple of months for my life in blogging.
Really strange.

I felt like I mirrored the cycle of a real basketball player in his 12-year professional career in just 12 weeks:

  • I built my resume here at Loscy from the spring until the early days of summer.
  • During the NBA off-season (and blogging off-season), I shopped myself around in the free agency market. I was offered a position as lead blogger/writer/editor for a a legitimate blog as part of a blog network. I was stoked to receive the offer and was excited about the possibilities of being on a stage to showcase my talents.
  • As I was riding the wave of a big new deal with this big new blog, I realized that I sold myself out. I didn’t like everything that I wrote. I didn’t like the idea of volume over quality. I didn’t like the turnover and speed that was necessary to maintain the blog. I wasn’t getting to savor the taste of a well-written post. I didn’t like the kind of blogger I was becoming.
  • I got out. I settled and “bought out my contract” for the betterment of every party involved.
  • I then shopped my services around, yet again, but this time to the bigger Celtic blogs. Basically I was begging for work. I was like a veteran trying to get a spot on some roster. Any roster. I would find a reduced role (from lead blogger to guest writer) to be part of a winning team.– a championship caliber team.
  • An offer came and I almost bit… but I turned it down.

I decided that I still had fresh young legs under me. I wanted my original team to build around me, instead of demanding to be moved. I had the motivation, the energy, abilities, and wisdom to reclaim my career in Celtics blogging. I needed to return to Loscy. Loscy is home, and home was calling.

I took a hometown discount to return back to my roots. To revitalized my career. To try again.

I’m here to stay this time.

Truth looks like hes got a second Finals MVP trophy to take home this season.

Truth looks like he's got a second Finals MVP trophy to take home this season.

As Media Day has come and gone, as the first day of pre-season has kicked off, we are left with many of the same questions we had before the 2009 Draft:

  1. Who will be our back up for Pierce?
  2. Who will be our back up for Ray?
  3. Who will be our back up for Rondo?
  4. Is KG really okay?
  5. Is there a possibility that ‘Sheed could start?
  6. Will our aging vets make it until June of 2010?

Here are my answers:

Green is definitely his color.

Green is definitely his color.

  1. It doesn’t matter.
  2. It doesn’t matter.
  3. It doesn’t matter.
  4. It doesn’t matter.
  5. It doesn’t matter.
  6. It doesn’t matter.

Here is what does matter:

  • We will have a healthy starting 5 come late October.
  • We have Rasheed Wallace as a possible 6th Man. Let me say that again: Rasheed Wallace will most likely be our 6th Man for this season. Can you say Bill Walton circa 1986? Yeah, me too.
  • We have a capable swingman in Quisy that can not only handle the ball, but slash to the hoop to compliment Eddie’s perimeter game AND play solid defense.
  • We re-signed Baby which will turn into one of the best signings of our off-season.
  • We have depth in our front-court (no more thanking every deity in every denomination that Scal “isn’t” in foul trouble like we did in the ORL series)
  • We still have options within Billy Walker, JR Giddens, and Lester Hudson to fill random holes.
  • Rondo put on 11 pounds of muscle and his attitude is just screaming WIN WIN WIN to prove he’s worthy of many years and zeros on his next contract.
  • And most importantly, as of right now, our aging vets (Ray, Pierce, and KG) look fresh, happy, and ready to take f*ckin names at the door.

Offer up 5 for $58 million, Danny. Just do it.

Offer up 5 for $58 million, Danny. Just do it.

I feel more at home right now than I have during the last few months as I played blogger journeyman.

I know that ‘Sheed, Quisy, Shelden, and Lester will feel just at home like our Usual Suspects as the team comes together and prepares for the long road ahead. What’s even more promising? Rondo could be home in Boston for another 10 years.

It’s good to be home.

Need more?

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  1. ecd permalink
    September 29, 2009 11:56 pm

    Hooray! I’ve missed the Loscy posts (and aesthetics). Looking forward to more reads.

    Also: Rondo looks bizarro without his headband.

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