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You know what I’m talking about.

May 5, 2009

You know the scene. You know what I’m talking about… background noise cuts out. The character on the screen looks around. She knows something is up, but doesn’t know what. Then a crash– a sudden crash. Or maybe a knock. Or maybe a door. The character realizes the killer is in the house.

Most scary movies set this scene up so well. You know what I’m talking about.

Dead? Right? No. Always the same scene, always the same ending.

Dead? Right? No. Always the same scene, always the same ending.

The character knows that she is in trouble. She tries to call 911, but realizes the phone has been cut. Then the power goes out. Knowing that the killer is honing in, she runs upstairs. In a panic, she doesn’t grab anything as a weapon to defend herself for the upcoming attack on the staircase. Sure enough, as she runs upstairs, the killer suddenly appears to a the striking musical montage that supports the surprise attack. There is a scuffle. The struggle ensues. She escapes upstairs as he follows. Then, after a series of lucky events, she kills him by either knocking him upside the head or when he jumps through the window as she moves out of the way.

These scenes are all the same. The buildup to these scenes are all the same. The ending to these scenes are all the same. You know what I’m talking about.

Sometimes the audience wants to see a different ending: they want to see the killer take care of business and kill the main character. Just once, we want a different ending.

Watching last night’s game was like watching this all too familiar scene: in the last few matchups with the Magic, the Celts have fallen behind big… mounted an epic comeback… and then fallen short.

The same scene, over and over again… Just once, I want to see a different ending. Hell, I want a different beginning.

But you know what? I’m not worried. It’s a 7 game series. There is no sense of urgency emanating from my keyboard; just anticipation for game 2.

Looking at the box score, there are a few stats worth pointing out:

  • Ray Allen: 2-12 FG, -15 +/- rating
  • Rondo: 2-12 FG, 7 TOs (he had like 15 in the entire 7 game CHI series)
  • Scal: 10 points on 3-5 shooting, +22 +/- rating
Be, Aggressive. B-E Aggressive.

Be, Aggressive. B-E Aggressive.

Rondo’s turnovers and shooting were atrocious. Ew. Gross. I am the BIGGEST Rondo fan around, but last night was beyond bad. Fatigue and injury could be at fault to describe the poor shooting and poor passing we saw last night. But what about the bad decision making? I’ve always been fine with Rondo letting the ball roll before picking up the ball to prevent the clock from starting… but remember when Alston was inching forward and closing in and Rondo wasn’t quick enough to get down and snatch it up? Very un-Rondo like. Remember when Rondo made the early/poor pass that bounced off of Ray’s knees… Very un-Rondo like. I actually bet Rondo had more than 7 turnovers last night but was only credited with 7. This is got to get cleaned up. Are his ankles ok? It has me wondering. Game 7 v. CHI and game 1 v. ORL were not great. Even game 6 of the CHI series wasn’t a great game (yes he had 19 assists, but that was through 3 OTs and with a teammate dropping 51 points– this is when assists can be a deceiving stat). I think we just saw some poor decision making that game, and things will get cleaned up after talking to Doc and after watching tape. I do, however blame part of this on Doc for not taking him out when pushing to make things happen, but can understand why he was kept in– he is a lockdown perimeter defender and they were playing a team hot around the perimeter. But if it’s his ankles… that is another problem. As long as Rondo is aggressive and makes better decisions, he will fulfill his role in helping this team win.

Maybe a starting-Scal for game 2? Unlikely, but a good thought.

Maybe a starting-Scal for game 2? Unlikely, but a good thought.

The big issue we had last night and will continue to have this series isn’t around Rondo’s decision making or Ray’s shooting, but with how we guard Rashard Lewis and Hedo Turkoglu. They are athletic bigs that make difficult matchups for Big Baby and Pierce. Scal did a much better job of covering Lewis and Hedo last night than Baby… but it’s too bad we can’t see how Bill Walker would fare against Lewis. I had mentioned this last night in a live-game-chat, and seemed to be greeted with hesitation. Then this morning on Sports Radio, it seemed those guys agreed: Bill Walker is an incredible athlete who can jump to the moon, is quick, fast, and strong enough to not get pushed around by Lewis. He matches up pretty well and isn’t a meathead like Tony Allen (TA is dead in my book– he needs to be done for good). I know we won’t see Walker, but I think some combo of Walker/Baby/Scal work really well against Lewis and even Hedo if Pierce gets burned.

Like I said in my previous post,

Look, you can read Orlando like an open book: Dwight Howard can score at will if he gets within 3 feet of the basket (usually off a dunk– he had 201 this season) and they have a handful of decent outside shooters. Stop 1 of those two things and you have a victory. Easy as that.

Still true, folks. Still true.
Orlando had a pretty hot night of shooting… but they also almost gave up a 28 point lead. A 28 point lead. That’s a lot of points to give up in a short amount of time. They have no coaching, they have no self-discipline, they have no strategy. Boston is the better team, and better teams prevail in the playoffs.

If Wednesday comes and we see the same pattern of Orlando pulling away big with the Celts making a late run, then maybe we have some serious coaching issues to address.
But, I am not concerned. The Celts just have to be the Celts, and they can even win the next 4 games straight if they stick to their game plan and limit the number of brain-farted plays.

You know what I’m talking about.

Endnote: apparently the secret to beating the Lakers is getting smacked in the face without a foul call (Battier) and getting a haircut that either screams “Team Pride!” or “Whoa I was drunk last night!” (Artest). Either way, go Rockets.

Battier getting messed up.

Battier getting messed up.



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