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I just knocked the bully out.

April 18, 2009

Game 6, post-game, KG, 2008 Finals:

“It’s like that bully that you go to school every day and you know when you get out of your mom’s or dad’s car, you’re going to see him as soon as you walk through the doors,” he said.

“He’s sitting there waiting to pat your pockets and mess with you. Then one day you say, this is going to stop today. You walk in and as soon as he pats your pocket you lay his ass out and you see the expression on his face, and you’re sort of kind of shook because you know what? You just knocked the bully out and you don’t know how he’s going to come back.

“The next morning when you come in and he’s not there, it’s like a sigh of relief. It’s like getting rid of the bully. It’s like I knocked the bully’s ass clean out. That’s what it feels like. For y’all who ain’t been bullied, y’all ain’t got no idea what I’m talking about. But for y’all who have, you understand the story.”

Let’s knock the bully out tomorrow. Let’s knock the bully out in this series. Let’s get through Orlando, and give the Cavs a fight. Look at my predictions, and while my predictions are predictions, I want my team to win damn it. I want my team to win.

I want the starters to be strong. I want the bench to come through. I want Doc to show us time and time again why the Doc-haters were wrong and show how good of a coach he can be. I want our team to win.

We are a defensive team that can score points. This is how KG and Doc described last year’s team. This is how we need to play in the playoffs. Shots will drop. Opportunities will be there. Let’s not give up on screens. Let’s slide our feet. Let’s play solid weak-side defense. Let’s play help defense. Let’s talk to each other on the floor. Let’s dive for loose balls. Let’s not commit stupid fouls.

Let’s play good defense on Saturday and let the offensive flow come into its own from the comfort we find in shutting down the Bulls.

I’ll be at the game tomorrow, excited that the REAL season now begins. Let’s show the mental toughness that we showed last year. Let’s show the physical intimidation we showed last year. Let’s show everyone why experience matters. Let’s show the Bulls who’s the mother F-in boss.

Let’s knock the BULLy out.

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