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Playoff Preview.

April 12, 2009

Things seem pretty locked up in both conferences that I can lay out what I think will happen in the playoffs for this 2009 NBA season. I am holding my breath as I type, and look forward to being proven wrong.
I repeat: I am looking forward to being proven WRONG.
I welcome it, and hope it.

As it stands in the West:

  1. Kobe can kiss Sasha’s Vujacic Lakers
  2. AI Who? Nuggets
  3. Yao is big Rockets
  4. Odom ages backwards Blazers
  5. Poor Coach Pop Spurs
  6. CP3 can’t do it all himself Hornets
  7. ¡¡Dirk!! Mavs
  8. You miss Stockon/Malone Jazz

The Hornets/Mavs/Jazz could do some flip-flopping around before the playoffs start next week, but it won’t change my predictions. At all.

Let’s just go with the standings from today for our playoff preview knowing that things could change, but again, it won’t effect the overall outcome of the series in the wild wild West:

1. Lakers
8. Jazz

4. Blazers
5. Spurs

3. Rockets
6. Hornets

2. Nuggets
7. Mavs

Lakers in 5. Spurs in 7. Rockets in 6. Nuggets in 6.

1. Lakers
5. Spurs

3. Rockets
2. Nuggets

Lakers in 5. Rockets in 6.

1. Lakers
3. Rockets

Lakers in 6. Kobe sheds tears of joy at the chance of winning a title without a REAL dominant 7’+ monster in the paint (sorry Bynum: you’re just not what Shaq used to be).

As it stands in the East:

1. Lebron is a freak of nature Cavs
2. Celtics
3. Team with an overrated coach Magic
4. Chumps Hawks
5. D-Wade Heat
6. Team that will make the quickest exit without a fight 76ers
7. What a great second half Bulls
8. Laughable Pistons

There is a chance Chicago and Detroit could switch the 7/8 spot, but who cares? There is less of a chance, but still a chance, that Philly and Miami could switch, but who cares? There is a chance the bottom 4 teams in the East (Heat, 76ers, Bulls, Pistons) could all rearrange themselves, but who cares? I certainly do not. The bottom 4 teams are terrible and have been able to steal wins away from good teams, but this isn’t the NFL playoffs. This is not March Madness. This is the NBA playoffs that deal with seven game series throughout each round. Best of 7 usually will benefit the better team: it’s tough to beat the superior team 4 times before moving on…

Let’s just go with the standings from today for our playoff preview knowing full well that the bottom 4 teams don’t matter. Here are our matchups:

1. Cavs
8. Pistons

4. Hawks
5. Heat

3. Magic
6. 76ers

2. Celts
7. Bulls

Cavs win in 5. Hawks win in 6. Magic win in 4. Celts win in 5.

1. Cavs
4. Hawks

2. Celts
3. Magic

Cavs win in 5. Celts win in 6.
Drumroll please… here is your ECF:

1. Cavs
2. Celts

Cavs win in 6. Damn it. All I can see now is that dreadful shot from the camera-man showing the defeated Celts’ bench in the final minutes. Sitting. Quiet. Wondering how they could have changed the outcome. The announcers will start talking about how the Celts had a storybook ending last season, and that it just wasn’t in the cards for this year. They’ll start saying how the Celts will be among the favorites if they can get healthy. They’ll talk about how the veterans are getting old, and they might only have another 2-3 years of a realistic shot with this group of players. Really, really, really, really, really not looking forward to that.

Cavs v. Lakers in the NBA Finals.

Cavs win in 6.

Lebron will remind us of those special players that not only won a regular season MVP (he must, right?) but also a Finals MVP. Lebron will also remind us of loyalty: he stuck with the Cavs, and the Cavs stuck with him. He will cry. Then everyone else on that damn team will cry because Lebron showed/said it was ok. And it will be really, really, really, really, really, really emotional, but also really, really, really, really, really, really awesome to see Lebron dethrone Kobe as the most dominant player in the game and walk away with 2 things Kobe wanted: a title and a Finals MVP (during the ’99-’02 run, Shaq was a 3-time Finals MVP).

Again, I look forward to being proven wrong.

I would love nothing more than a group of guys in green lighting up cigars and Rajon Rondo hoisting up a Finals MVP trophy…

What a pretty shot.

What a pretty shot.

[ PS – If you are curious why I used the word “really” SIX TIMES in a row on three separate occasions, check out the Cavs-made site to push Lebron as the obvious MVP candidate ]

[ PPS – In my NBA live 2009 season, Ray Ray is averaging 30 points, Pierce is averaging 36 points, KG 22 points, and Rondo averaging 20/10… and not points/assists, I’m talking 20 assists/10 steals. If only… ]

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  1. Vegas Scott permalink
    April 12, 2009 3:46 pm

    Fear not, you will be wrong! The Celtics will get the best of Lebron yet again. Lebron would want nothing more than to dethrone Kobe but he has bigger problems at hand….Paul Pierce! Pierce absolutely owned Lebron last year. Evidence?

    Lebron shot 35% from the floor and 23% from three in last years playoff series against Pierce and Boston. To make things worse Lebron averaged a staggering 5.3 turnovers per game.

    But throw all these numbers out the window if you’d like. Let’s look at game 7 last year. Lebron finally wakes up, goes for 45 points and what one would think would be the difference in allowing the Cavs to get to the Eastern Conference Finals. Except Paul Pierce matches Lebrons effort with 41 points of his own on blistering efficiency numbers:

    57% FG
    67% 3PT
    92% FT

    Absolutely incredible! With everything on the line and going up against the player that many believe will be the best ever, that’s what Pierce does? How many players in the history of the game are capable of that type of performance on that stage, going head to head against a player of Lebron’s caliber? Yup, exactly. That’s Paul Pierce.

    Most people outside of Boston would like to forget what Paul Pierce did last year. Those from Boston will never forget it, neither will Cleveland fans, and most importantly Lebron will never forget it.

    • jontookem permalink*
      April 12, 2009 5:49 pm

      Again, I hope you are 100% right and I am 1005 wrong.

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