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Dear Erik Spoelstra…

March 19, 2009

Dear Erik Spoelstra,

Remember Didos Thank You song? Sure you dont...

Remember Dido's "Thank You" song? Sure you don't...

I was always taught to write thank you notes for people that do or say something nice for me– it was just the way that I was raised.
I’d like to take a few minutes on this blog to really say THANK YOU to Miami coach Erik Spoelstra for last night’s game.

I know your team wasn’t really a team last night because you were without Dwayne Wade… and we all know D-Wade IS the Miami Heat. Dwayne Wade is not ON the Miami Heat, he IS the Miami Heat. I know this whole coaching an NBA team is sort of new for you, and it is especially new for you to coach a Wade-less Heat team… but man that game was yours to win last night!

Not to play that game, but the Celts were also down a couple of superstars (KG, Ray Allen) and some very key reserves (Scal, Tony Allen, and Leon Powe).

HOW DID YOU NOT BEAT US?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Thank you for giving us the game.
We needed that win last night; thanks, Spo-Whoa.

THANK YOU for NOT telling Mario Chalmers to play a step or two off Rondo and allowing my boy Rondo to burn Chalmers for easy layups, floaters, and tear-drops from the paint ALL NIGHT LONG. Yes, Rondo had 27 points on 11-20 shooting. Oh, he also had 10 assists and semi-convinced me that the gree/gold uniforms aren’t that bad. I like the way he rocked the yellow headband and white socks to complete the  St. Patty’s Day get-up.

THANK YOU for letting Daequan Cook hoist up 14 shots, while only making 4 of them. Thank you for letting him take 7 threes (making 1) even though he was colder than Alaska in January. Yes, I understand that he won the 3-point shootout, but ummmmmmmmm….

THANK YOU for not telling your team to give Michael Beasley the ball during every possession down the stretch in the fourth quarter when B-Easy could simply not miss. Thank you for not letting last night be his BIG coming out party. Beasley could have easily chalked up 30 points last night… finished instead with 21.

Wait, are you ok?? You look like youre in pain. I know THE TRUTH hurts.

Wait, are you ok?? You look like you're in pain. I know THE TRUTH hurts.

Most of all, and I sincerely mean this will all of my heart, THANK YOU for not doubling up Paul Pierce in the fourth quarter until the final possession. Holy cow thank you for this. THANK YOU for allowing The Truth to single-handedly break down your defenders from the same spot on four straight possessions in the fourth quarter and allowing him to make four straight jumpers. THANK YOU for letting the obvious closer on the team close out the game with 16 points in the fourth and OT, ending with 36 points. Seriously, thank you for reminding us what Paul Pierce had to do for the last 10 years in the NBA while carrying this team by himself. THANK YOU for letting us get a glimpse that Pierce still has the ability to carry a team when it matters and when he has to. THANK YOU for reminding me, however, that it is more enjoyable to see Pierce on the floor in the company of guys like KG and Ray-Ray and feeling like this team is unstoppable when on top of their game– but it’s still fun to watch him turn into the Terminator.

But seriously, Spoelstra, THANK YOU for not doubling Pierce in the 4th quarter.

{ Other observations: the Celts should start fining Mikki Moore for every foul he commits in a game; Stephon had 6 assists; Hous3 had 16 points on 6-10 shooting and 3-4 behind the arc; and in honor of a “thank goodness for Rajon Rondo” moment, here is another shoe ad as part of the fake Nike dining series. }

Fake Rondo Ad #10

Fake Rondo Ad #10

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  1. The Yogurt Man permalink
    March 19, 2009 5:07 pm

    Also, it’s worth mentioning, in addition to all of your points about the game last night, that Rondo and Pierce looked like fast buddies out there last night. Like, they knew it was up to them, and they were totally cool with that. It’s been interesting seeing that develop, because I remember times last season in particular where I felt like The Truth wasn’t completely buying into the Rondo Buffet. . .

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