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All Aboard!

March 11, 2009

Hey folks, in case you are wondering, the Dwayne Wade Bandwagon is leaving soon… so you know, you better hop on board!

All Aboard! The D-Wade Bandwagon is getting full.

All Aboard! The D-Wade Bandwagon is getting full.

Seriously though, D-Wade has been on FIRE since the All-Star break. Let’s just look at his game log since the break:

  • 2/18 v. Minnesota (L): 12-22 FG (55%), 37 points
  • 2/21 v. Philly (W): 8-14 FG (57%), 25 points
  • 2/22 v. Orlando (L): 17-30 FG (57%), 50 points
  • 2/24 v. Detroit (W): 11-20 FG (55%), 31 points
  • 2/27 v. Atlanta (L): 9-17 FG (53%), 21 points
  • 2/28 v. New York (W): 16-29 FG (55%), 46 points
  • 3/2 v. Cleveland (L): 16-30 FG (53%), 41 points
  • 3/4 v. Phoenix (W): 13-21 FG (62%), 35 points
  • 3/6 v. Toronto (W): 17-23 FG (74%), 42 points
  • 3/7 v. Cleveland (L): 9-23 FG (39%), 25 points
  • 3/9 v. Chicago (W): 15-21 FG (71%), 48 points

His averages since the break: 57% FG and 36 points.
MVP-like numbers? Of course. Why won’t he win it? Because his team isn’t in first. In fact, his team is fifth in the weak East, but has a realistic shot at winning the 4th seed. But to really see WHY the Heat are in a dog fight for fourth place would make D-Wade the clear cut champ for the MVP award. D-Wade literally is a one-man team. If you look at Roland Ratings for the Heat (explained by The on court +/- number repesents the team’s net points with the player on the floor per 48 minutes, while the off court number is the team’s net with the player off the floor per 48 minutes. The Roland Rating is the difference between the two, with a positive number indicating the team has played better with the player than without), D-Wade’s rating is a +19, while the second highest Roland Rating player on the court sits at a mere +2.2 (a sucky Jermain O’Neil), after that is Haslem at -.8. Yes… a NEGATIVE rating. That means the statistically speaking, 3/5 players on the Heat’s best possible starting lineup gives up more points than they can score (on average). Whoa. Once again, the Heat’s 34 wins is 100% attributable to D-Wade.

That is why he desevers the MVP. He doesn’t have a Mo Williams like Lebron; D-Wade doesn’t have a Pao Gasol or Andrew Bynum like Kobe… he’s got NOTHING. I have been a D-Wade fan for a while… so of course I am biased. I like his game: a solid jumper, but really can just take it to the hoop. The Flash is a stupid but fitting nickname: he finds a way to put the ball on the ground and make acrobatic floaters and layups and dunks look effortless. He is an incredibly efficient scorer. I think that D-Wade has shut up any critics that questioned whether he could carry this team or even be the same player that he was before his injury last year. When D-Wade came flying out of the gates this past summer in Beijing, I think people knew they were in for a special season. Leading the league in scoring, D-Wade has a great shot of averaging 30+ points this season (currently at 29.7). Oh by the way, FanHead reported this a little while back: if you go to D-Wade’s website, he chronicles the many charitable causes he supports (which is a lot); meanwhile, Kobe will be charging $50 member fee for his website for access to “insider information.”

As I’ve discussed earlier about the nuances of MVPs in the past, MVP’s have to be on a successful team– simple as that. Granted, Miami is NOT the top seed in a weak division/conference, he is the team. Where would Miami be without D-Wade? Probably fighting the Wizards and Grizz for the SHAME award for the ’09 season. He is arguably more valuable to his team than Lebron or Kobe– both of those teams could still be .500 teams without their stars. If D-Wade goes down, so do any chances of the Heat being successful in the post-season.

The Heat will host the Cs tonight. Let’s not let him burst into yet ANOTHER 40 point evening. His contract is up in 2010… Hey D-Wade: wanna wear some Celtic green for the last half of your career??

Oh and by the way, have you seen his winning steal and shot against the Bulls from Monday night?

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  1. A Bear permalink
    March 11, 2009 10:44 pm

    “D-Wade literally is a one-man team”

    From an English teacher to a social studies teacher, I must inform you that he is not literally a one man team. He is figuratively a one man team.

    Good column; here’s hoping no more injuries tonight in Miami.

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