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March 8, 2009
Uhhhhhh, Nah Nah Nah {AP Photo, Phelan M. Ebenhack}

Uhhhhhh, Nah Nah Nah {AP Photo, Phelan M. Ebenhack}

By jontookem

Yes, I’ll admit it: I was nervous about the Magic/Celts game. I was in bed, lights out, with GameCast on. My laptop’s battery was dying around 10:07pm, close to the end of the game when the Magic were making a bit of an 11th hour run. I dimmed the brightness, hoping that it would help salvage any of the remaining batter before the trusty MacBook went to a place far, far away.

The battery lasted… and so did the Celts.


Here is a great article from the awesomeness over at Ball Don’t Lie:

Boston leads the NBA in effort. Per minute, per game, per period, per capita, per KG’s very profane instructions. And the C’s just worked, worked, worked their tails off in this win. Every shot was contested, every extra pass was met with moving feet, and Orlando didn’t know how to overcome this sort of intensity. Because they haven’t had to, yet. And really, as much as the defense impressed, we expect that from Boston. It was the offense that got to me.

Go finish the article. It is worth the read. I still think the Magic are a great team this year, and have a great shot of reaching the finals. They have some stuff they need to work out: if the 3 point shot isn’t falling, then what? If Dwight Howard is off, then what? If Jameer Nelson can’t make a shot, then what? If a team is smothering you on the perimeter, then what? It is a young team, with a young mentality: things didn’t go as plan, and the team kind of crumbled. They have the second half of their season to fix this.

Do I think the Celtics are still the best team in the East? Yes. Are the Cavs and Magic scary? Yes. But I am going to do the opposite here of what so many Boston fans tend to do with their beloved teams: I am not going to freak out about what is happening to OTHER teams, but instead, revel in the fact that MY team is playing well. I am settling in comfortably to where I was at during their 19-game win streak. I am not overly-confident or dreadfully pessimistic; instead, I am cautiously optimistic. The have been playing smooth basketball, and the starters are doing what they are supposed to be doing: whatever it takes to win. Coach T has gotten the team back on the same page defensively: they are playing smooth transition defensive. they are helping on the weak side, people are switching, they’ve stopped committing silly fouls, and hands are getting in the way when teams are trying to get in the paint. Shots are starting to fall for players on the bench. Big Baby Davis had the game of his life (career?) last night: I still think he is a liability… but you know what they say in economics: high risk can mean a high reward. It can also mean a big loss instead of a big gain. So… BBD = Liability. It was good to see him have a good game, though.

I am excited for the Celts game on Sunday against the hyper-inconsistent Macs (TELEVISED!). I can’t wait to see red-hot Dirk get SHUT DOWN. With the football season almost over (so… close… hallelujah), the NBA will be back on ABC. Since I have network television but not cable, guess what has two thumbs and is incredibly pumped… THIS GUY. Speaking of the Mavs, I am watching the Pistons/Mavs game on ESPN360. I still can’t believe AI will take his starting spot on the East team in a couple of weeks. Really??

More on Sunday for the Celtics game: Celtics v. Mavs, 1:00pm, ABC.
Go Green.

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