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Some Sunday Recap

March 8, 2009
Ray Rays Day is Sunday {AP Photo, Winslow Townson}

Ray Ray's Day is Today, Sunday {AP Photo, Winslow Townson}

I needed today to get through the crap that will be all over the internet during this week leading up to the Super Bowl. Ugh. This might be my least favorite week in sports…

But let’s live right now. Let’s live today. How sweet is today? About 99% sweet– I’ll tell you later why it wasn’t 100% sweet. Shall we start where you think I will start? Yup. The Celts.

UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. NAH NAH NAH NAH. My favorite line today while watching the game on ABC (it’s network televsion, not cable television!) was when Hubie Brown said, “They’re just running like, a lay-up drill.” Yes, that is what it looked like from my couch and what it must have felt like from the Mavs bench. I wonder how many pills Cuban popped to make the pain go away?? Things to love about today’s performance:

  • Rondo did what he wanted, when he wanted– All-Star what????????
  • KG made Dirk look like a 4th grader from Yugoslavia
  • Eddie House proves that he is the best 3-point shooter in the game when nothing matters
  • Scal took a ‘bow to the face and then got called for a foul because he was in earshot of Dirk (this would not have been funny if it was a close game, but because it was, I really enjoyed seeing everyone’s reaction)
  • Pierce, KG, Ray, Perk, and Rondo all got lots and lots of rest (thanks Rick and company!)
  • Jason Kidd picked up his AARP card after the game– the Boston office stayed open for him today

But honestly. That was just a good ole fashioned butt whooping. Sometimes it’s great to see Goliath beat the crap out of David. The Mavs HAVE to make moves before the trade deadline if they have any hope of making the playoffs. Let’s also be honest: there really aren’t too many reasons why the Mavs shouldn’t make the playoffs. I mean, come on… Move Howard! Trade him! He’s a great bargaining chip. What’s the deal with Jamal? They desperately need scoring help from that second unit besides Terry. Did you see those chumps throwing up shots today?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?????? My gosh.

The look on Parkers face is how the Spurs probably felt {AP Photo, Ric Francis)}

The look on Parker's face is how the Spurs probably felt {AP Photo, Ric Francis}

That made my day 99% awesome. What took away from it? The Spurs losing to the Lakers. Andrew Bynum unfortunately played well on the defensive end. Ugh. Pao Gasol made beautiful passing look easy today. Ugh. Though I hate to admit, I really enjoy seeing Trevor Ariza play. I love his energy, his ability to get to the hoop, solid defense, and to do what his teams needs to win– pass, shoot, get fouled, whatever. This guy has got game. Plus, he is athletic as anything. Ariza moves easily and fluidly on the court.

You know who stunk today? Everyone on the Spurs. The team was not there. They looked flat. They looked like their age: old and tired. No energy. Tony Parker needs to find a new team. Maybe go play for D’Antoni in NY? When’s his contract up? Time for TP to leave Duncan behind and go make a splash somewhere else. But hey, at least he goes home to Eva Longoria.
Here are my statistical winners of the day:

Ray Allen – 23 pts (9-13; 4-5 3pt), 7 asst, 5 rebs, 1 stl, 1 blk, +23 plus/minus (ridiculous!)
Rajon Rondo – 14 asst, 13 pts (6-10), 4 stl, 7 rebs, +28 plus/minus (so ridiculous!)

Sasha Vujacic – 17 mins, 2 pts (1-2), 1 reb, 1 to, 1 foul, -3 plus/minus (haha– sorry, couldn’t help but take a shot at the douche)

The Truth:

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